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Childosophy - Children's Wellbeing Session

Childosophy™ is centered on the Foundational Needs Model as researched by Dr. Maxine Therese. As a Childosophy™ Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner, Kalpana supports children and parents through the behaviours or symptoms that are presenting and/or a challenge.

These can be understood when an unmet need is recognised. Kalpana works to bring back inner balance for the child and heal the imbalances present. She applies the 10 step system of wellbeing, founded by Dr. Maxine Therese.

Kalpana has seen amazing results in not only children, but adults and parents alike. Sessions can also be profound for adults as they work through imbalances from their past (inner child) as well as whole family issues that can be healed in a family session.

Sessions are available across multiple locations in Melbourne and Online. Sessions run for 60 mins (with longer sessions available to be booked).